My Hubby the Travel Agent

My Hubby and I are quite amused as to how our friends ask him questions about Thailand or Malaysia, pertaining buses, train schedules, fares, things to do, bargaining tips and etc. Other will call all the way from a different province just to ask some travel questions. My hubby on the other hand love to help and willingly answers all their questions. We jokingly told our Thai friend one time who was asking about Cameron highlands that maybe we should set up a travel agency. She seriously replied that it’s a very good idea. :)

Anyways, that friend of ours wanted to go on a holiday in Malaysia. She wanted to go to Genting Highlands at first, but when she knew that Genting is quite a ‘noisy’, entertainment place, she changed her mind. Then when we told her about Cameron Highlands that’s quiet and peaceful, she got excited and asked us a series of questions. She didn’t specifically ask for an accommodation like the Holiday Cottages in Dorset , but she wanted a place where she could enjoy nature. So, that’s our assignment for now and we will get back to her after we’ve done our li’l research.

Anyone else want to ask questions for our budding Travel Agency? :)

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