The City of Golden Friendship

Our city Cagayan de Oro city is locally dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship. “Oro” actually means ‘gold’ and history tells us that during the Spanish times, there has been mining activities in the area.

When I was small, I’ve also heard some legends about the big fish under the Cagayan de Oro river that’s hiding the gold beneath it. I know there are other versions of the story and other include the Cathedral near the river.

But if, it’s true that our city has had some mining activities in the past, would it still be possible to find gold that can be made into gold bullion in the present time? But then, I guess not much people are interested in mining these days, they’d rather set up a business, become rich and then invest in gold rather than getting the gold themselves.

And by the way, our city is indeed progressing well and it’s worth to venture out a business in the city.

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