Booming Vietnam

Our visit to Vietnam was a memorable one. Not only we got to spend time with my brother’s family but we got to feel and experience Vietnam. My expectations for VN were basically based on what my brother and SIL has been telling us. But when we were there we still couldn’t help but get a few ‘culture shocks’. I will have to blog about that separately.

This post is about the fast development of the country in which they boomed at such a very short time span. So, we could see a lot of high rise buildings being constructed almost everywhere especially at the new international city in Hanoi. I’m sure the construction employment industry must have been very successful for the past few years. As went around town, my bro and SIL would point a lot of new establishments, businesses and buildings that haven’t been there 5 years ago but is now successfully operating.

I wonder how the Hanoi skyline and terrain would be like 10 years from now.

* I’ll upload more photos later*

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