Crossing the Road in Hanoi

This is how we crossed the road in Hanoi. All of us would hold hands together and slowly walk and cross the street. As a first timer, it was really a bit scary crossing the road as motorbikes just passed in all directions. And what was even more scary is that they seem to just go straight at you and then they turn to avoid you as they come nearer towards you. Whew!
If you’re in the city center and would want to wait for both sides of the road to be clear before you cross, then you must despair. There’s no hope for the road to be clear, but you just have to gather enough courage to cross the street. And the most important thing to remember when you cross the street, just walk… forward.. and don’t ever be double minded and think of going backward… or better yet, be like us.. hold the hand of a ‘local’ and let her lead the way. :)

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