Overnight At The Airport


I’ve finally experienced staying overnight at the airport. Our flight to Hanoi was at 6:50 AM and we arrived in Bangkok a day earlier. We originally wanted to stay in a hotel but with the early flight, I thought it was more practical and ‘safer’ to stay at the airport rather than taking a taxi at 3AM in Bangkok. I know that Bangkok is quite safe, but traveling with just my daughter and Mom ( without my Hubby), I don’t want to take any risks.

So, we arrived at Suwarnabhumi Airport at 8pm since we sent off my sister’s family and friends whose flight is at 12 midnight. After they checked in, my daughter, mom and I were left alone. We were like ‘homeless’ people who looked for a place where we could catch some sleep. There were a few vacant seats right in front of the Airasia counters, so we settled there.

My daughter was quite excited for our trip and was doing everything from reading her homeschool books, answering her Math textbooks, singing and drawing just so she won’t fall asleep. Fortunately she got sleepy and slept off at around 11:30PM. My mom also managed to catch a few winks, while I think I only dozed off for only 15minutes. The maintenance people were cleaning the area where we were so, it was quite noisy and uncomfortable for me.

Sleeping in Suvarnabhumi is quite safe I should say. It’s not crowded and the few people who are there are also waiting for their early morning flight. I met and talked with fellow passengers and it was quite a pleasant experience. The only downside of it is not getting enough sleep which results to breakouts and dry skin. Next time, I should arm myself with face moisturizers and acne products before spending a night at the airport. :)

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