A Long Countdown


My brother’s family is having a countdown for their trip back to the Philippines. I think it’ll only less than a week now before their homecoming. While their having their countdown, I’m also thinking of our own homecoming. We will only be going back in December so that means we have more than 300 days to go! Oh, that’s so sad..

Hubby is actually (tentatively) planning to go on a trip next month. If everything pushes through, he might be going for a 2 week conference up north. So that means, I might stay back alone with the kids for two weeks. So, a bizarre idea just came to me, that maybe the kids and I can go back to the Philippines during this time so, we won’t be home alone for 2 weeks. So, I checked the airline fares and hoping there’s some air fare promos. But sadly, there aren’t any. Sigh! During these times, it’s so tempting to payday cash advance for travel, but then again it’s not good to travel unprepared. It’s good to plan well and save up some money before any travel. By doing this, our travel will be hassle-free and worry free.

So, that means we have to stay put and wait for our time to go back to the Philippines.. See, a day has already passed and that means, we are a day nearer for our homecoming.

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