We don’t have much travel plans for this year except for a trip to Malaysia to renew my visa in April and our trip back home at the end of the year. I guess that makes this blog of mine quite silent.

Just the other day, I was planning to dig in my old photos and recall some memories of the trips we made a few years ago . I really haven’t given much detailed account on those trips since I was busy with other things at that time. Forgive me if the little ‘writer’ or for that matter ‘blogger’ hasn’t been a very good one. Blogging for the past weeks ( or months) has become like writing essay papers for me. LOL!

Maybe if I were in still in school these days, I could have resorted to free college essay editing to check all the spelling and grammar in my articles. During those days, I’ve heard that students buy custom research papers.

Anyhow, I need to write better and blog with more sense. So hopefully, I can get the time to dig my old photos and recollect our travel experiences. I love to think about all our past experiences. I just hope I will also be inspired in rewriting these experiences in my blog. :)

2 thoughts on “Backlogs

  1. I smiled a lot when I read this post love because I know you are a good writer and my "palangga attests it because he sometimes read your blog. He said, love is a good writer….

  2. tinuod man na love ayaw kaulaw oi kay tinuod jud na maau ka mosulat..ako lang i offline and reply sa imong comment sa akong post ha.

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