Horse Riding in Taiping

When we were in Taiping for the holidays, we saw that there were a lot of new attractions in town. One of them was the Taiping Equine Park. Here, you and your kids can enjoy horse riding. Unfortunately, our kids were not able to ride the horse because it was raining so hard when we got there. That’s the typical Taiping weather, sun in the morning and rain in the afternoons.

Anyways, we will be definitely bringing the kids to the Equine Park again on our next trip. We just have to make sure that it doesn’t rain so they can finally ride the horse. Another activity that I would want to try with Hubby is ride the ATV at the Taiping Adventure Park. Yes, this is another ‘newer’ development in Taiping, ATV with great ATV Accessories.

Oh, I wonder when we can go back to Taiping again..

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