Missing Taiping

Taiping is a beatiful and peaceful town. We were there for the Christmas holidays and really enjoyed the time with family, the food and the place.

My favorite part of Taiping is the Lake Gardens. The lake itself is very beautiful but seeing the mountains that surrounds it makes it more majestic.

Whenever we tour around the town, I always get to hear a bit of history of the town from my Hubby. Though I’ve already heard that so many times, but the more I hear about it and visit the place, I appreciate it more.

And by the way, the Lake Gardens was originally a tin mine and was later developed into a lake garden and a park. Tin used to be very common in this town during the 18th century. People those days like to buy gold, tin and other kinds of metals.

Back to Taiping, I don’t know when we can visit that beautiful place again….

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