Ready for the Beach?

Our kids love to go to the beach. A couple of weeks ago, when we announced to them that we were going to Samila beach, their eyes grew wide with excitement. They don’t just love playing with the sand but also to swim.

But unfortunately, when we arrived at Samila Beach the place was so crowded with people and the tides were high and strong. We didn’t feel so safe letting the kids swim there. Much to their dismay, they contented themselves in building sand castles and playing with the sand.

I want to bring our kids to the beach again. This time we will go to Koh Yo where there’s a beach area there with no people around. It’s like having the nice sandy beach on your own. One can just go there, relax with their skimpy bikini since no one’s around. But I can’t do that since I’m shy to wear a bikini. If taking weight loss supplements are effective and can make me have a body like Jillian Michaels then maybe I can have the courage to do that. LOL!

Anyways, I hope when we go there next week, the weather will be nice and the waves won’t be strong. I just want my kids to enjoy and truly have a wonderful time!

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