Singapore is one place that is so near yet so far to us. I’ve actually been there twice but we never got to go around. The first time was when we were on transit to the Philippines. The second time was still on transit and this time to Malaysia. We were able to stay overnight at our friend’s place on our second visit. I don’t know what got unto us that time, that we never considered to tour the place even for a day. We arrived at 12 midnight, slept, had brunch and then went on our way to the bus station on our way to Kuala Lumpur. I’ve never seen the Orchard Road, been to Sentosa and the Boat Quay. Though I’ve seen the Esplanade from afar, but it was not as clear since we passed by that area during the night.

And now that Singapore has the Universal Studios, I’m more interested to visit and get a tour on this small country that is only 12 hours ( by bus) from our place. Tiger Airways is also flying once a day from here and if we are keen enough, this airline also has some 0 fare promotions. Now, blogging about this makes me want to go on a Singapore vacation. But it’s too bad, our ‘yearly’ schedule has already been drafted and we haven’t included that in our plans. Hopefully, next year this desire of my heart will be granted. We’ll have to save up for this trip since Singapore isn’t cheap. I’ve heard that the Singapore hotels are nice but they are not inexpensive too. But we do have a few friends who are staying there and maybe we could just budge in for awhile and sleep in their houses.

But while we’re not going there yet, I will have to read a lot of articles and information about Singapore travel. So that when it’s time for us to go there, then I will be ever ready with my list of Things to do, Places to Eat and Places to See in Singapore. Hope to see you soon Singapore!

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