The Free Voucher and Malta

Remember I posted about the free hotel voucher I won in one of the contests I joined? Well, it seems we won’t be able to use that voucher again. The hotel is in Bangkok and that means we have to spend some money to go there. Earlier I thought we could spend a weekend there if we could get some cheap airfare. But so far, there weren’t any fare promos and it’ll be too much of a hassle to go to Bangkok by train or bus with kids. So, this is another miss opportunity for us.But anyways, I will still keep joining contests with the hope to win the prizes. One of things I’ve actually been dreaming about is to travel in Malta . I’ve seen a lot of photos of celebrities who had villa holidays there. The place indeed seem very spectacular with the pristine beach and white sand. Oh, how I wish we could go there and stay in one of the Malta villa rentals.

Hmm.. Are there are travel contests to Malta? Let me check…

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