The Newly Renovated Taiping Museum

The Taiping Museum or more commonly known as the Perak State Museum is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia. Built in 1883, this museum has displays on natural history and the origins and history of Perak and Malaysia.

When we were in Taiping in 2009, we didn’t get a chance to see the whole museum since it was still undergoing renovations. So, last month we went there again and were excited to see that the renovation is almost completed and is now open for the public.

I was quite impressed with the new interiors of the musuem since it’s more colorful with a lot of interesting facts and information all over the place. I particularly like the showcases and the lighting which highlighted the displays.

The entrance of the museum displays all the indegenous musical intruments. The the different wildlife (with preserved animals) is being displayed in another room. As you go to the inner rooms (newly renovated) you will find the displayes of different articrafts and cultures and races in Malaysia. The second floor, is everything about Perak.

It was great visiting the Perak State Museum. I like going to museums and always amazed as to how people preserve all the old artifacts. I’m sure most of those antiques being displayed are so valuable. The worth of those displays must be like when you buy gold bullions in bulk. I’m sure those antiques will make good investments just like gold.

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