The Tour Around Hoan Kiem Lake

One of the landmarks of Hanoi is the Hoan Kiem Lake. This is situated near the Old Quarters. So, when we were checking out a few shops at the Old Quarters we saw this white ‘golf cart’. It’s actually a tourist cart which will give you a tour. So, we paid a few thousand Dong and hopped in the car.

So, our trip started as the little car took a turn on one of the streets of the Old Quarter. The old quarter is actually a market with each street selling a particular good or product. Just like for example in the Gold Street, you’ll find all the shops selling gold and so on and so forth. I think there would be more than 10 streets overall. Then our tourist car took every turn on every street of the old quarter. It was quite exciting at first seeing all the goods and getting a glimpse of Hanoi’s market life. But as you go on and on, you get to have the whole idea of the place. The entire trip took more than 30 minutes. I was hoping we could go around the other side of the lake, but then it seems the trip is only limited at the Old Quarters. But nevertheless, we enjoyed that touristy trip. :)

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