To Chiang Mai

My Hubby is going to Chiang Mai in a few weeks time. I really wish we could go with him and visit Chiang Mai again. But he’s going for a conference and it’ll be quite a distraction and not to mention, expensive if we tag along with the kids.

We are here in the South and Chiang Mai is all the way to the North of Thailand. It’s a good thing that Air Asia already has some flights from our city to Chiang Mai. When we checked the flight rates today, we found them a bit expensive. So, Hubby tried to calculate the costs if he’s going by train. That’s the ‘cheapest’ way to go. But as he calculated the total cost for the train ride from our city to Bangkok then Bangkok to Chiang Mai, it’s just 600 Baht short from the flight rates! And it’ll take him almost 2 days trip if he takes the train!

So, there’s no argument needed, it’s really much more convenient and in a way ‘cheaper’ to take the plane these days.

Anyways, my kids and I will surely miss Hubby as he goes to Chiang Mai. It’s a good thing they have wifi service in their hotel so we can always keep in touch with him through Skype or even though something like Conference calling. That’s one thing great about our hi technology now. :)

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  1. Someday love, you and your family will surely be spending a vacation in Chiang Mai. Just for the vacation, no conferences or something else..just fully a vacation and relax…. I have that faith….. God bless!

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