Travel Care

Most of us who loves to travel return home in good health with lots of “pasalubong” or what we call souvenirs. Added to that, we bring home the fun and lasting memories we had during the trip. But when I had the chance to travel with my mom a few months ago, I got sick when we returned home. My body was too weak and I was chilling at night.

My family brought me to the doctor for a check-up. Good thing, the doctor didn’t let me lie down on one of his medical exam tables but he just performed tests to find out the real cause of my illness. Thank God that I immediately felt better after the doctor gave me some medicine.

If you become ill after traveling, you need to see a doctor especially if you have visited places that are exposed to certain diseases. According to medical experts, the returned traveler should be aware of other symptoms besides a fever. Other symptoms include skin rash, shortness of breath, fatigue and many others.

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