Eat- All-You- Can

I’m so full..we just came from an eat-all-you-can restaurant here in the city. The steamboat and grill eat-all-you-can shops are quite common here in Thailand. Here you can choose a wide variety of food you want to grill or steam. There are also other items available like noodles, fried rice, salad and Thai desserts. And guess how much they charge per person? 89 Baht! Yes, it’s quite cheap considering it’s buffet and the variety of dishes. That’s why restaurants like this are always filled with people both locals and tourists alike.

As you know, the Thais love to eat. You can find restaurants or hawker stalls in every corner filled with people eating r buying food. But one wonders why, most of the Thais are slim and slender. Do they exercise a lot, go on a yoyo diet or take diet hgh pills? what is hgh? Oh, I just found this as one of the effective diet supplement. Anyways, I think I can make a case study on why Thais are of average weight. LOL!

Anyways, if you come to Thailand, try out their buffet grill and steam boat or what they call as ” Moo Kata”. It’s a great experience to eat good food at a cheap price.

*photo courtesy of a friend

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  1. I love eat all you can. Here in our place eat all you is very common too. You can any variety of food. Just eat them all so that you can not pay what you it.

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