Pets For Sale

If ever you come to Hat Yai and looking for shops that sells rabbits and fish. There is a place almost right in front of Naa Ho ( Clock Tower) where some vendors are selling these pets. Since they’re not real pet shops and don’t pay shop rental, their pets are quite cheap and of course you can bargain too.

My Hubby once bought a couple of rabbits there with their rabbit cages and rabbit supplies and he only paid 350-400 Baht for everything. But sadly, our daughter was still so young that time and doesn’t know how to take care of the rabbits. I guess she squeezed them to much or they fell down a few times that they died after few weeks. The rabbits were still so small too. Maybe we should buy bigger rabbits next time. But we also have to wait until our kids will grow a little bit bigger and would be more careful and responsible to take care of pets.

As of now, Hubby is planning to buy fishes since its easier to take care than the rabbits and we won’t need rabbit hutches. It’s good that the kids agreed and are still excited to take care of them. We will have to take a trip there near Na Ho to buy the fishes.

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