Photography and Me

As a blogger, it’s always nice to get some nice photos and post in the blog, especially this travel blog. I do have a camera but not a very good one. Sometimes I get frustrated as I can’t do justice in presenting a certain place’s beauty through my camera. But, I would then justify that at least I have a camera to use rather than none at all. 😉

But in the long run, I would like to invest in a good camera to take beautiful shots of all the places I’ve been to. It’ll be nice learn a little bit of photography too as I really enjoy looking at beautiful and creative photos. I’ve just browsed through a photography site from Connecticut and I’m inspired to see such beautiful Engagement photography CT and Wedding photography CT. So, if you are looking for a great photograpy CT company, then you can’t look very far. Their photo indeed reflect love, life and happiness.

Photography is an art that doesn’t just require skills but creativity as well. It’ll be nice to explore that kind of art but maybe I can only do that once I have a better camera. I hope it would be sooner that I plan.

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