Restaurant Makeover

Our family loves watching Asian Food Channel’s Restaurant Makeover. Just last night, we all cuddled together (well, except for our boy who was busy playing with his blocks) while watching an episode.

I’m quite surprised that our girl enjoys watching the show of how they transform an old, ‘ugly’ restaurant into a nicely designed one. And that’s with a limited budget, too.

What’s surprising to me is that even of some of the interior designers are well renowned, a few clients are still not happy with the outcome of the project. There was one episode in which the client even wanted to sue the Show for coming out with ‘unsatisfactory’ results. She budgeted 14,000 $ for the whole project but insisted that she couldn’t ‘see’ her money on the finished project. The designer and foreman explained to her that they spent most of the money on the ‘hidden’ but important aspect of her restaurant like the faulty wiring and etc. Aside from that they put laminate flooring, changed the furniture and the entire ambiance of the restaurant.

But as I saw it, I guess the whole designed did really fit well on the client’s personality. So, I guess that’s the whole issue and reason on why she’s not happy with it.

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