Spa and Facial

Spa and facial treatments are few of the things that I thought I could never experience in my life. I mean, I’m quite a practical and stingy person so, I can always live without these ‘luxuries’. But as we stay here in Thailand for quite some time, we’ve found out that these ‘luxuries’ back home are quite affordable. One just have to look around and avoid those spas and saloons that eyes the ‘rich’ tourists.

Once my Mommy friends’ and I went for a facial spa and I quite enjoyed it. The regular facial was very affordable. I also inquired for acne scar removal, but then I find it expensive for me already. :) That was my first time to have a facial spa, and hopefully there will be a second time. I’m just looking for someone to accompany me since its more fun to do all these ‘beauty’ stuff with friends. :)

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