The Boy and the Airplane

Our little boy is so fascinated with airplanes these days. He would always tell me that he wants to ride in an airplane. Then I would remind him that he actually has been on an airplane a few times. But I guess he couldn’t remember those experiences anymore because he was only 2 years old. But I still remember that he was quite excited riding an airplane that time.

I think that now that he’s older, he would enjoy his experience more as he’s able to understand more things. Now that he’s 3 years old also means that we have to pay for his tickets at a full price. Gone are the days when he could travel for free. I remember only paying around 200 Baht for his fare. That’s actually the tax. But I’m glad that my boy is older now too because he’s becoming more and more independent. Now, we don’t use highchairs and gates anymore. Though we didn’t use high quality chairs like Svan highchairs, Stokke highchairs or Kidco gates but we’re glad that what we had has really been very useful for us.

Anyways, I’m excited for our next travel with the kids. I hope that it’ll be not as stressful as when we travelled when they were still little.

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