Want to Be Famous?

With the digital age, it’s not a surprise anymore that ordinary people or small companies can quickly gain fame and be well-known all over the world. Our world got smaller with this age right? :)

Anyways, there are people and companies who want to get fame and well-known quickly. How do they do this? Of course they maximize the advantage of social networks. These networks will enable them to be seen and heard all over the world. So, they try to gain a lot of fans in Facebook or followers in Twitters.

Do you want to be famous or want to promote your business? There’s a new thing now in the net in which one can Buy Facebook Fans or Buy Twitter Followers. And oh, one can also Buy YouTube Views. Hmmm.. I guess this is the newest marketing strategy huh? I’m sure this new strategy benefits all the small companies and make them more seen in the big global market.

As for me, I don’t have the ambition to be famous (:)), I’m still keeping my Facebook on its private profile, though my Twitter is on public profile but I don’t update that as much as I update my Facebook.

So, you want to be famous?:)

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