A Walk in the Park

I love spontaneous decisions to go somewhere and just enjoy family time. We often do this and one night, we just decided to go and have a walk in the park. The Lantern Festival was still going on at that time and we just went around it again and just enjoyed our time together. It was a weeknight so, there were not much people around. Our li’l boy enjoyed running ahead of us to see the other lanterns before us.

It was a cool night and after which we just bought popcorn made from an older version of popcorn machines. We had ice cream too. If our kids have seen the cotton candy machines, I’m sure they will beg us to buy cotton candy for them too. But anyways, it was indeed a pleasant evening and I’m glad to see the eyes of my kids twinkled as a sign of their excitement and joy.

I wish we could have more days and nights like these. But I guess, it’ll be a long time before we can have ‘idle’ time again. Things are getting busier this month with the activities at our center. But after the busyness, we will surely have this family time.

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