Of Clothes and Costumes

It’s Saturday now and it’s the day when all the Night Markets like Asian Trade and Greenway Market are opened. I like to go to these places when I want to buy 2nd hand clothes and other items. In Greenway Market, there is this shop that sells different costumes for adults and children alike. Oh, I like to go there again to get costumes for my li’l ones. This is actually the shop where we bought a Batman and Spiderman costume for the school. They also have military and army costumes with camouflage patterns.

And speaking of military clothing, I’ve heard that these kind of clothing are getting more hi tech and advanced. Just take for example MultiCam army clothing. This clothing has 7 layers of protection and is still ideal to use even for such extreme weather conditions. I just read an article about it and I was amazed as to how military clothing has advanced from a normal clothing to a more hi tech one. I wonder what other hi tech developments has taken place in the tactical gear department. I’m there are many especially that the US is improving on their security and defense. It’s my wish that hopefully our military back home can also avail these kind of clothing and gadgets.

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