Of Western Suits Vs. Traditional Costumes

Several Asian countries have now become very westernized. This has been manifested for example in the way men get themselves up for parties, business meetings, and formal gatherings. Decades back, most of the Asian men have to use their national costumes on the foregoing occasions. But, after the modern period, many adopted wearing tuxedos or Americana suits highlighted with stylish pre-tied or self-tied bow ties or neck ties; perhaps because many think that having these stuffs on really look stunning, powerful or authoritative, and honorable.

It was not surprising though to see men in Myanmar wearing the lungi ( or longyi in their language) during weddings and special occasions. As an outsider, it ‘felt’ funny at first for me to see this. As my daughter asked me during our trip there, ” Why are the men wearing skirts?”. But as we stayed there for several days, I kinda got used to it since almost all the men and even some women wear the lungi.

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