A Better Malaysian Immigration

Last week we went to Malaysia to renew my Malaysian social visa as I’m married to a Malaysian. I’ve been applying for my Malaysian social visa once every year for the past 9 years that Hubby and I were married.
During the last 5-6 years of applying at one of the immigration offices in Malaysia, our experiences have been tough. We would usually wake up very early in the morning to get to the office so, we would be one of the people to queue up. But most of the time, there will already be around more than 50 people before us. Then, we wait for the office to be opened to get our priority number. Then, most of the time our number only get called during noon or in the afternoon. We then wait for another 2-3 days before I get my social visa.
But this year was a real surprise for us. We arrived late in Klang, the night before and we were so tired from our 8 hours road trip. So, we woke up quite late but still decided to go to the immigration office at 9AM. We thought that if we couldn’t get our priority number, at least we can have our documents stamped by the Commissioner of Oaths. When we came there were a lot of people inside but still we were accommodated, the officer gave us our forms to be filled up and to be signed by the Commissioner. There was an office of the commissioner of oaths nearby and we were immediately served. After 10 minutes, we went back to get our priority number. And guess what, we are just 2 numbers away from number being served. Ha! That was a real surprise. And when our number was called, the officer immediately took our papers, signed some stuff, took our payment and gave us a receipt with a note that I can get our visa at 1PM!!
That was so quick!! I really wondered how they were able to get themselves so systematized and why it took so long and so much hassles to get my visa for the past years. Oh, whatever happened to the Ministry, I’m just thankful and congratulate them for a job well done! :)

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