At Low Yat Plaza

We went to Low Yat Plaza today. If you’re from Malaysia, you would have known that Low Yat Plaza is known for cheap computers and techy stuff. It’s quite a big mall that’s full of computers, notebooks, netbooks and accessories that you would just get dizzy with all the options.

Anyways, we went there today with our friend who was looking for a shop to repair his notebook. I was also keen to buy a USB keyboard as my netbook’s keyboard was already broken. We weren’t really in a shopping mode but was just looking around and window shopping. It wasn’t really so crowded at the mall today as there’s also an ongoing PC fair at the KL convention center.

As we went around and trying to compare prices, we realized that their prices are already much comparable with the prices in Hat Yai. Maybe if we find the right shop where we can do a real bargain, then the prices will differ much. But at least now we know that whenever we want to buy computers and stuff, we don’t have to go all the way to KL to buy but just look for the best deals in Hat Yai itself.

Anyways, I wish we could have had more time to go around KL and visit Ikea or any of the applicance and furniture shops. I would love to window shop at these stores too. I’m actually wishing to see coffee grinders at extremely low prices. I wouldn’t mind whether I’ll find the home coffee grinders or the commercial grinders as long as they are within my budget. Oh well, I guess this is just wishful thinking as the prices for these gadgets are just beyond my reach. :)

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