Double Standard or Not?

One of the problems foreigners face when in a country is double standard. Yes, even if we’re Asians in an Asian country, we still can’t avoid this. One advantage for us is that we can speak the language and can always talk to the locals whenever we feel they are not giving us a fair price for example in goods and services. But there are circumstances that we can’t just run away from it. I’m sure a lot of westerners have their own story to tell, once they are in an Asian country.
Anyways, I can’t help but think whether our ‘high hospital bill’ experience is one case of double standard because we are foreigners. As a backgrounder for those who don’t have a clue of what I’m talking about.. We actually just got billed a whooping 107,000 Baht from my son’s appendectomy. There’s no question about the hospital’s service and quality. They are really good and we could say that they took care of my son. The bill would have been understandable if the hospital we went to was the ‘premier’ hospital in the city. But it’s just one of the normal private hospitals.
Thank God that we have insurance because we didn’t have to spend a single cent. But as we talked to some of the locals and some of friends, everyone feels that our bill is just so high for an appendectomy. So, we’re not sure whether they applied double standard for us because we were foreigners or they were just trying to take advantage of our insurance. I don’t know. Anyhow, we’re thankful for our son’s healing and our insurance. And no we won’t file a lawsuit just like the Topamax lawsuit since there are no damages incurred. But sometimes, we can’t just help but wonder. :)

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