Operation Clean Up Hat Yai

I just watched the news on how Japan cleans up from the most recent tsunami. They’ve really been very systematic even in their clean up as they still seek to recycle some of the building materials. The news commentator said something like it could take several years before they could finish cleaning and sorting our all the debris. I couldn’t imagine how the whole country is suffering from the effects of the disaster.

While I watched this video segment, I could vividly remember the days after the flood here in Hat Yai. The whole city was really a great mess as garbage from every house and building was just on the streets. But I could commend the city government though since it has really been working 24 hours to clean up the whole city. We could see garbage trucks busily collecting garbage wherever we go. But, I wonder how they cleaned up those buildings with harmful substances. I suspect they used spill kits, secondary containment or decontamination equipment. Anyways, I’m just glad that we’ve been over the flood trauma. You know, getting worried whenever it rains heavily for a day. Now, we could sit and relax since it’s summer time. But wait, it’s still raining frequently even in the summer now.

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