Our Hospital Stay

My son has been hospitalized more than a week ago. He had an appedectomy at one of the hospitals here in the city. What we liked about our experience during our hospital stay was that it was a quite comfortable for us. Well, except for the fact that our son was sick and nurses came in by the hour.

But our room was comfortable with a few amenities like a fridge, TV, water heater and free toiletries. There was room service for food and their food was very delicious! The service was also superb. Our boy, though in pain was well taken cared of by the nurses in nursing scrubs (some with cute scrub tops) or nurses’ uniform.

Well, we were quite happy with everything until we got a shock to see our hospital bill. LOL! It was quite high and I guess that’s the price to pay for comfort and convenience. But I thank God for insurance and thank God that our boy recovered and is back to normal in our house now.

This comes in every room. It’s really good so, we won’t have to think about bringing dishes and dish washing soap to the hospital.

This water heater is very useful for breakfast and coffee breaks. They also have a ‘mini bar’ in each room.
The Toiletry set. Very useful.

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