Pregnancy and Travel

One of the questions that pregnant women ask is, “Is it safe to travel?”
With the nature of our work, we always get to travel. When I was pregnant with my first child, I traveled from Thailand to the Philippines so I could give birth in my beloved country. During my second child, I always got a lot of travel by land especially in renewing our passports and visas. I travel from Thailand to Malaysia and back and forth. The travel wasn’t easy for me as my tummy was a bit heavy and sometimes my legs would hurt so bad. But I was thankful that my body is in good normal condition.
Back to question…
It is always safe to travel if your body is fit to do so. Added to that, some doctors wouldn’t allow you to travel if you are still already in your first trimester period of pregnancy. If your doctor says no, then don’t take the risk.
Also, don’t travel to places where there is a poor hygiene as you might get infections from these places and it could harm the developing fetus in your womb.
Taking travel sickness medicines should be avoided. Taking drugs should be avoided even if you experienced diarrhea. If you have chronic illnesses consult your doctors first about the drugs you need to bring on your travel. In as much as possible avoid taking drugs without consulting your doctor, especially if you are taking Topamax, or else you may end up filing Topamax lawsuit when you find some side effects on your baby.
Lastly, always think of your safety and the safety of your baby when travelling. If you feel like your body is not fit to travel, better stay at home and don’t take the risk.
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