Thai Food on The Go!

For sometime I’ve been wishing for Thai food delivery. You see, most of the food delivery here are from fastfoods like McDonald’s or Pizza hut and they’re quite expensive. When we ate at one of the Thai restaurants near our home,we found out that they also have free food delivery with no minimum order.

From then on, I knew where to call delivery when I’m already pressed for time to cook our meals. It’s only 30 Baht per dish and delivered right on our doorstep after 10-15 minutes. We don’t have to worry about giving directions when we order or putting up address plaques for house , since the owner and the delivery boy already knows us. I was even amused one time, when I ordered ( in Thai) and the owner didn’t asked for my number or house number anymore. He already recognized my voice! LOL! And after 10 minutes the delivery came and we were able to enjoy our hearty meal.

*image taken from google

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