Asians With Western Look

I just read an article in the news about a 12 year old Chinese girl who’s undergoing surgery to put a fold on her eyelids. It’s actually the mother who decided for the operation. The article further says that the reason for this is because many Asian girls want to have a western look.

I can’t help but feel sad after reading the article. I think many of the kids now are being pressured as young as they are to look a certain way. Remember the other young girl who has undergone Botox treatment? It’ll be better if these young adolescent girls would just look for treatments to get rid of pimples overnight but they resort ( or rather their moms) resort to surgery and stuff. Sad.

One thought on “Asians With Western Look

  1. Unbelievable, arent we supposed to tell our kids that their beauty comes from within and to not aspire to look like any celebrity. The kid thinking it is one thing but the parent supporting it now that's just kinda crazy. Thanks for the great post.

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