Ice Dome and Thai Price

We finally brought our kids to Hatyai Ice Dome last week. This has been like an overdue promise to them. I won’t have to divulge on how many months our kids have to wait for this promise to be fulfilled.
As a ‘budget mom’, the cost is actually the thing that puts me off from going to the Ice Dome. We heard that the price has already increased to 200 Baht for adults and 100 Baht for the kids. A couple of years ago, we only had to pay half of that price. I guess it was because, the Dome was only newly opened at that time and the exhibit place was much smaller.
So, whenever my kids would ask us to go and see the Ice dome, I would be mentally calculating the cost. With 2 adults and 2 kids, we would easily be spending 600 Baht! That would be enough to buy a toaster or even hgh supplements. And imagine, we will only be inside the dome for 20-30 minutes?! That’s too much of a cost of a few minutes enjoyment, I would think. I prolonged and prolonged in fulfilling the promise until such a time when the display is already coming to an end.
Last week, Hubby finally decided for us to go. And I was so shocked to see the big signage with the fees in front of the building. From 200 Baht, the entrance fee has been increased to 300 Baht for adults and 150 Baht for the kids. That would be a total of 900 Baht for us! I wanted to retract but Hubby went on and bought the tickets. My Hubby actually has this ‘gift’ of bargaining and so, I hurriedly reminded him to put his bargaining skills into test. I waited for awhile and I saw my Hubby with a big smile on his face. He only ended up paying a total price of 300 Baht!! Yes, for the 3 of us. He got the Thai price even if he’s a foreigner..he spoke to them in Thai, told them that he has been staying here in Thailand for a long time and has a work permit.. and of course he smiled and used his charm for the people to give him the Thai price.

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