The Thai 7 Day Diet

After doing a bit of organizing and reorganizing our stuff, I found my old notebook where I wrote the Thai 7 Day Diet. Yes, it’s another fad diet given to my by my friend a few years back. I remember trying this out, but I can’t remember if it yielded any results at that time or if I was even able to complete the diet. :)
But as I can see the diet list now, it seems that this diet is very low in calories so, there might be some side effects in doing so. But for those who are curious, I’m still going to list out the plan.
Breakfast – fresh juice or yogurt 1 cup
Lunch- 2 boiled eggs
Dinner- Vegetable salad
Breakfast- Fresh juice or coffee
Lunch- 2 boiled eggs
Dinner- Yogurt (1 cup)
Breakfast- Fresh juice or coffee
Lunch- Khaw Law Luuk Chin
Dinner- 1 slice pineapple
Breakfast- Fresh juice or coffee
Lunch- Vegetable salad and grilled chicken
Dinner- Yogurt
Breakfast- Fresh Juice or coffee
Lunch- Som Tam and Grilled chicken
Dinner- Vegetable salad
Breakfast- Fresh juice or coffee
Lunch- Pla nueng or Pla pau may jam kat ( unlimited fish)
Dinner- 1 glass of fresh milk
Breakfast- Rice and beef or 1 boiled egg
Lunch- Khaw law luuk chin
Dinner- 1 slice pineapple
I can’t imagine doing this diet now. The food choices are very limited and I think I’m really going to starve for a week. LOL! I’m sure this won’t work for me anymore, so I better just eat sensible and do my exercise. I also want to learn more about hgh supplements . I heard they are safe supplements for weight loss too.

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