Of Fulfilling the Dream Destination and Payday Loans

As I was blog hopping last week and visiting the entries of the Tuesday Travel meme, I was so enticed with the photos of other participants’ dream travel destination too. It was like I was also dreaming to go to their dream destination and my list of dream destination is getting longer by the day too. At the end of the day, I was left wondering if I could ever step on at least one of my dream travel destinations.

Because if I look at our status right now, it’s just impossible for us to travel even to one of my Top 2 destinations which is either Greece or Israel even if we get one of those instant payday loans. Yes, there are a lot of payday loans online that we can easily access but I don’t want to get loans just in order for us to travel. Yes, getting payday loans no faxing is so easy and convenient nowadays but as old fashion as I am, I want to save every cent and pay from there.

Traveling to for pleasure is indeed a luxury for me so, we have to save up for it and it’ll take years and years I guess, for us to travel outside Asia.

One thought on “Of Fulfilling the Dream Destination and Payday Loans

  1. I wouldn't suggest payday loans for traveling. The beauty of online payday loans is how soon you can get the money. You're never really in a hurry to prepare for your next trip.

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