Riding the Motorcycle In Thailand

Hubby rides the motorbike whenever he goes to the city alone. Motorbikes are the most practical vehicles. The petrol does not run out as fast as the car does, not to mention that because of its size, it can make quick turns so you can actually reach your destination and back in half a time. Here in Thailand, though, motorbike riders can choose their own rules. Sounds dangerous? You bet! Choosing your rules mean you can make a turn whenever, wherever. You can ride on the wrong side of the road as long as you just stay on the edge of the highway. So even if hubby is careful in following traffic rules, there will always be other motorbike riders who make their own rules and can just cause lots of accidents. The thing is it’s very complicated to be in an accident here in another country. Aside from injury and trauma, the legal matters might be hard because of language barriers. All their legal documents are also written in Thai. Foreigners who get into accidents could only wish for an Austin Personal Injury Attorney to stand in their behalf.

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