The Binoculars

Hubby and I went out to attend a wedding last week. Since we can’t bring the kids along with us, we thought of leaving them behind with our cousin with a promise of a ‘surprise’ when we come back.

Of course, I didn’t forget my promise and we made a quick trip to a minimart before we reached home. There weren’t much choices for cheap toys in that minimart and I was having second thoughts whether to buy the toy binoculars. I remember my sons loves to pretend being a soldier with his ‘pretend’ binocular and rifle with rifle scopes. So, I ended up choosing the binoculars because it’s also the cheapest on the shelf. :)

When I went home to show their ‘surprise’, my kids were really happy to see them. My cousin just told me that while they were watching the cartoon channel. My son saw someone with binoculars and said that he wanted binoculars like that.. and his desire was truly granted. :)

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