To Malaysia By Bus

We just came back from a very short trip to Malaysia yesterday. It was not a ‘planned’ trip so, we thought of cutting on our travel cost by taking the bus. It was our first time to travel by bus as a family of 4. And as my Hubby said, he will never do it again. LOL!

Oh, there were just a lot of ‘waiting time’ when one commutes and of course, we also experienced a lot of ‘hassles’ in riding public transport. But even we experienced all these in taking the bus but I was still thankful for it because we were able to cut travel cost into half and at the same time the entire trip wasn’t too tiring for Hubby as he didn’t have to drive all the way to Malaysia and back.

One thought on “To Malaysia By Bus

  1. It's very exciting when riding a bus. We can see beautiful spot anywhere. This is really what we call adventure.

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