Tueday Travels: Dream Destination

This is the first week of the Tuesday Travels meme hosted by Janet and I’m glad to be a part of it. :)

For this week’s entry, we have to answer the question for , “Where’s your dream destination?” I suppose there should only be one but as I dream to see a lot of places, I would like to post my Top 2 Dream destinations.

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1) Greece – Ever since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of going to Greece. I’m not so much of a historical buff but I love architecture and dream to see the old ruins of the Parthenon and see the Acropolis. As the cradle of western civilization, I’m sure there’s so much to see and learn once I’m there.


2) Israel- I would love to step into the country where Jesus was born and see the places that has been mentioned in the Bible. I’m sure a trip to Israel would be very meaningful to my faith and spiritual life.

12 thoughts on “Tueday Travels: Dream Destination

  1. sureness pud kaayo ang israel sa akong list ba. kanang mga countries sa middle east and those where the Bible people walked. ug ang mga bisdaks mangalagiw ug dungan, pastilan, pagkadaku sa kinahanglanon nato ani nga sapi kay lahi-lahi man jud ta ug dream destinations. lol. salamat sa bisita sa akong payag! :)

    mo-follow ko diri nimo. unta maka-follow pud ka naku. :)

  2. Raya paconciensya hahaha… I have a blogging friend si Costas whos from Greece.. dami niyang pictures na feeling mu kaadtoun na jud ka… bitaw oi… salamat jud sa internet makaexplore ta bisag sa linkuranan ra.. lol…

  3. I also wanna go to Greece. When Peter asked me where I wanted to go for honeymoon, my first choice was Greece. Hehehe.c

    Pero diria sa gyud intawon mi Cameron Highlands. LOL.

    Thanks kaayo for joining Tuesday Travels.

    Hope muapil pud ka next week. 😀

  4. I've seen the movie, life in ruins and the setting of the movie is greece, it's indeed a nice place to dream of traveling one day.

  5. gusto pud ko mo visita aning Israel…pero usa usahon lang usa ni nako kay mangunot nalang ko ani d pa matuman ang dream tungod sa kadaghan sa gi dream unya walay kwarta Lol! thanks for visiting my entry and happy TT:) Cheers!

  6. How nice.. Greece and Israel.. both have their own beauty..

    Nice jud unta maka adto sa atong gigikanan sa atong Ginoo..

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