Where are the Smiles?

Thailand is known to be the Land of Smiles. So the tourists and foreigners alike who come here are definitely looking for the famous Thai smiles. I’m not so sure if everyone gets to see that but I remember a new friend I met during a tour to the North, who was complaining and wondering why the locals she met are not smiling at all! LOL!

I also don’t know whether the people from the North are different from the South but I told her that we’ve really experienced that Thai hospitality and friendliness in the south. Then, I thought that maybe it was just timely that the people she has met are having their own sets of problems or are depressed. And speaking of depression, have you heard of the negative effects of Zoloft? It has been reported that taking this medicine can cause birth defects. People are hiring zoloft lawyers now to fight the case.

Anyways, back to the Land of Smile, everyone can have their good days and bad days right? So, even if this country is known as the Land of Smiles, but of course, they can still feel sad, be unfriendly and other things, not everyone’s the same. :))

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