A Night at SkyPark Hotel

I’ve written earlier about one of our student’s hotel, The Sky Park hotel. Well, our team had an overnight stay there last weekend. The team was so busy for the past two weeks that we decided to go on a break. It was just a short break since we only stayed there for the night, but it was still fun. We all went swimming and had a time of relaxation.
Our kids enjoyed the most. When they were not swimming in the pool, they would be swimming in the bath tubs. 😉 I also gave Hubby a treat by preparing for him an oil bath. When it was time for us to go back home, everyone felt that the break was too short. Oh, if we only have enough budget we could always stay longer and have a long break. But then, finances are quite limited unless of course we get instant cash advance online. But if ever we get instant cash advance, we still have to pay it on the next month, right? And our monthly budget will be a mess. LOL!
Anyways, we’re still thankful for that short break. It’s really great to go on a break! Hopefully, next time we could get another opportunity for a break and this time it’ll be much longer.

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