B’s Sweet, Hat Yai

B’s Sweet (Cake and Coffee) shop is where my daughter and I usually hang out for our girl’s day out. This is shop is located at the city center, adjacent to Odean Shopping Mall along Niphat Uthit 3. The first thing that attracted me to this shop was their beautiful interior. I love the simple white furniture and interior with green and spring accents. Their frappes and cakes are delicious as well. As for the price, it’s quite reasonable. But I can’t say that it’s cheap. I’m a bit stingy you know. :) But just the same, I love going there because of the relaxing ambiance and of course the cakes! If I could, I would love to go there every week. But my pocket won’t allow me to do that and I’m also worried of my ever thickening waistline. LOL! Maybe I’ll end up buying buy fat burners then if I go there on a weekly basis.

Anyways, here are some of the cakes from B’s Sweet.

Banoffee.. I love the different textures of this cake.. soft, smooth, chewy and crunchy..
Brownies with macadamia nuts. I order this when I’m on a budget.. it’s the cheapest among all the cakes..:)
Chocolate lava… oh, this one is divine!.. warm chocolate oozes out as you slice the cake… and the ice cream is a great pair.

Apple Pie or Apple Crumble.. a sweet and creamy pie.. I love it especially with the cream…

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