Scuba Diving

I’ve always wanted to do scuba diving. If ever I get to write my bucket list, scuba diving will surely be in my top 10. I really want to see and experience what it like to be a few meters underwater. I want to see the fishes, the dolphins and other sea creatures in their own ‘kingdom’ and not inside the man made aquariums. I don’t know how much it costs now to do the scuba training, but I’m sure with all the diver’s suit and equipment like oxygen and HD camera goggles , it won’t surely be cheap. Several years back the whole scuba package already cost 7000 pesos. Even I was still single and working at that time, I still found it expensive. But now, I’m thinking that I could have just taken that opportunity. With kids and family, it’ll be a lot harder now to get a chance to scuba dive.. but , who knows? 😉

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