5 Star Hospital

If there’s such thing as 5 star hotels, there must also be 5 star hospitals. Or maybe that’s just how I felt when we visited our friend in one of the private hospitals in the city. So far, this is the only hospital which I know that plays live music from a grand piano at the lobby. It’s really very soothing to her classical music played while waiting for your doctor’s appointment instead of frequent voice over announcements.
When we went inside our friends’ private ward, I was impressed by the view by her window. Her room was overlooking the mountains and it really doesn’t feel like she’s in the hospital. If not for the hospital bed and adjustable table, I would thought we’re in a hotel room. But of course, getting admitted into a 5 star hotel like hospital must also come with a higher price. But I’m sure a lot of people won’t mind the cost as long as they are very comfortable and they are assured of proper medication.
And speaking of medication, I’ve just heard about the Actos lawsuit in which a lot of people have reported of getting serious injuries from the Actos medicine. That’s a sad news and I hope they will be paid for the damages that has been made from the intake of the medicine.

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