Big Camera, Thailand

Big Camera is one of the largest Camera shops in Thailand. They have several branches scattered worldwide. Here in Hat Yai, they currently have 2 branches. One in Big C and the other one’s in Big C Extra. And yes,they are two different shops. Big C Extra used to be Carrefour ( a few years back).
Anyways, whenever we go to Big C or Big C Extra, I never fail to pay a visit to the Big Camera shop and look at my dream camera. Even though some digital cameras like the Casio EX-H20G or Canon Powershot seems good, but I still desire to have a Dslr. One of these days… one of these days, I will be able to acquire my dream camera.. then there’s no need for me to look at the windows of Big Camera anymore… unless I want to buy additional lens or accessories.. 😉

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