Future Camping Trips

I think our family’s almost ready for a camping trip. Not that we’ve already bought our camping stuff like tents and mats but our kids are already quite grown up and we think they’re almost ready for it.
There’s actually one camping ground in Songkhla ( Hat Keew Resort) and we might check on that soon. For the meantime, now we can start getting our camping gears one by one. We’ll have to start with buying a tent and then the rest will follow. I’m also thinking of getting yoga mats instead of a normal mat so, it can become like a multi purpose mat.
Oh, this is going to be exciting and I’m looking forward for our future camping trips!

2 thoughts on “Future Camping Trips

  1. When i was little, my parent used to take me on camping trips very often. Now, after all that experience, i'm not that much into camping anymore. But i sure would recommend it for new guys into this.

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