GPS Blues

Hubby has this GPS in his phone. It’s a phone given to us by our friend and we haven’t fully explored all the features yet, including the Garmin gps. But today, it seemed that Hubby was in the mood to use the phone’s GPS to find our way to one of the schools in Songkhla. So, he set it ( or so I thought) and we kept going and going and going. I was actually amused as to how everything was so exact from the Shell Station on the right to the Malaysian Consulate on the left. But I noticed that the name of the school which we’re looking for was nowhere to be found. It was only then I found out that he didn’t set the destination. And of course we got lost! I urged him to call our friend who has set a meeting for us and ask for directions. But he refused. I asked him to ask someone on the street and ask for directions but he didn’t stop. It seemed he wanted to find his way there through himself or through the GPS. I guess it’s really true that men don’t want to ask for directions, they’d rather ask a ‘machine’ than people. LOL! Would that be the reason why GPS are getting more popular these days? It would be interesting to make a survey on how many men buys GPS compared with women. Would there be more men who are interested where to where to buy motorcycle gps at the source than women? Oh sorry guys but this is not meant to offend you, I’m just curious whether this ‘theory’ is true or not.. 😉 peace!

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