Keeping In Touch

I’ve been away from my homecountry for 9 years now. We do go back and visit from time to time like every two years but I haven’t stayed there for a long time. A few people asked me whether I miss my own country. Oh, I think the answer to that question is quite obvious. It’s not just the ‘country’ that I miss but most importantly the special people that are there especially our family. But I thank God for Yahoo messenger, Skype and Facebook since we can constantly keep in touch with them. I could remember the first few years when we were here and didn’t have internet connection, it was kinda difficult to keep in touch. We usually make long distance phone calls but not as often and not as long as we want to because it was quite expensive to do so. Oh, I remember those days when I would be quite nervous when we receive our telephone bills! :)
But now, it is easier to keep in touch since there are a lot of services available for such. Aside from the free services in the internet which can have some limitations, there are also cheaper services. I remember one of our friends who used the VOIP phone to call and receive calls from other countries. She told us that it’s very cheap compared to calls made from the normal phone and she could talk hours and hours without thinking about the costs. I think she has that service similar to that of Rebtel. If you’re in the US and wants to make call Asia or send international SMS , it is possible not to spend a lot. It is of primary important to keep in touch of our loved ones and we can do this without spending our entire fortune.

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